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Birthdate:Jul 26
Location:Maine, United States of America

she was a fast machine
Magz. 28. Maine. LiveJournal refugee '07. Gave up on a mass fandom migration '08. College graduate '11. Loves music. Hates unreasonable conservatism. Former driver of The Liberalmobile. Wants to rule the world when she grows up. Knows crazy details about the raising and sale of cut flowers. Adores foreign languages and the accents they come with. Bounces from fandom to fandom like an overeager puppy on speed. Will never tire of Orlando Bloom's hipbones. Or Jensen Ackles' eyes. Or Bradley James' hair. Or Richard Armitage's face. :| Ever.

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she kept her motor clean
I've got a revolving-door friending policy for this LJ. Only about 5% of the entries are friends-locked, and they're really not that interesting, anyway. But if you like me for whatever reason, don't hesitate to add me.

I tend to friend people who seem relatively intelligent, who are entertaining, and who post fannish things on a regular basis. If I move on in fandom or whatever, I'll usually defriend people -- unless there's some sort of loyalty thing going on there. And if you feel like we've got nothing in common, or I've pissed you off for whatever reason, don't hesitate to drop me like a hot rock.

she was the best damn woman that i'd ever seen
Merlin, Glee, True Blood, and HBO war miniseries are my big fandom... things, although I sometimes wander into other fandoms as well. I tend not to participate much, though; I'm more of a lurker quiet reader of things than a writer and creator of things. Every once in awhile an icon post might crop up in my LJ, or some caps or something of that nature, but I seem to have misplaced my writing muse somewhere around the summer of 2007, so. *cough*
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